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Youtube Killed Original Style

September 12, 2017

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Youtube Killed Original Style

September 12, 2017

The Reality

“What a great job, you get to play with make-up all day long” is a statement I hear a lot! Yesssss true, it’s a great job and we get to “play“ with make-up, often working our own hours if we’re freelancing and for the most part educating and making people feel good about themselves… but trust me when I say it’s not just about playing with make-up... it’s also art and also psychology. It’s a job that that requires us to work with different faces, different personalities and our canvas changes with each client and also talks; so along with playing with make-up we also have to have a certain amount of psychological prowess to ensure we work with a client in a professional and effective manner in a way that suits their personality.


It’s always pretty interesting when Make-up Artists meet new clients; we meet the decisive, the indecisive, the know it all’s, the I think I know it all because ‘I’m subscribed to a few Youtube make-up channels”, the know a little bits and the straight up know nothing at all’s. We love them all but part of our job is to weigh up which one you are within the first 60 seconds through some clever questioning and listening techniques so we know the best approach, all whilst studying your features; shape and colour of your eyes, texture and colour of your skin, shape of your brow, cheekbones, lips and nose, hairstyle and clothes and then processing that information quickly to start creating your perfect look and instilling your confidence in us.



Whilst I’m dissecting the clients let me rewind to the Youtube client, the one who has the phone with all the images of celeb looks to show you because she’s seen all the tutorials the wannabe Kim Kardashian’s have made about her make-up, hair and fashion. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking KK or Youtube... I love it! In fact Youtube has taught me how to replace a washer on a tap recently, to diagnose the problem with my boiler, how to decorate my cakepops and then to look up exercises on how to get tight buns after eating all the cakepops… that’s another story… it’s a great resource, however I’m under no illusion that i’ll never need a plumber again because I’ve seen a Youtube tutorial and the same applies to hair, make-up and styling.


There is nothing that substitutes meeting one on one with an expert in their field that can actually see you, ask you about your lifestyle, see the texture of your skin, shape of your eyes, feel the porosity of your hair or can show you how to choose the perfect pair of jeans just for ‘your’ shape that make you walk like “POW!” when you’ve got them on.


Embracing ourselves

We’re all unique and our looks are individual and personal and they deserve to be treated as such. Most of us want to look and feel our best but not all of us know how to achieve that so we seek information using the various mediums available to us, but by doing that we’re all becoming the same… Kim Kardashians or some other celebrity clone; admittedly she has a lot of influence and she appeals to a lot of women right across the world regardless of colour or ethnicity, but often there lies the problem or the perceived problem… what if your vital stats aren’t 36-26-40 and your skin tone is more Alek Wek or Nicole Kidman? I’ve had to say to many women, “You and the celebrity you’re trying to emulate look completely different, let me work on enhancing your own beauty with colours that will work for you” Ultimately i'm an educator and i'm old school, I feel it's my duty through make up to teach you to make the most of you and empower you to love your warts all while making you feel good about it.


Make–up is so individual that what suits your best friend is unlikely to work on you, so you have to adjust and find what works for you, your skin type and image,  that’s where help from the experts comes in; investing in a professional Make-up Artist or having a lesson like the ones we offer at FIND A MAKE-UP ARTIST is money well spent, you’ll learn the all important basics and can use the advice over and over again to keep enhancing your image, you’ll also feel more confident knowing that your look is your own.


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